Renewable planning approvals could risk green energy goals

Article posted

22nd Aug 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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Renewable energy companies have said governments need to speed up approvals for new solar energy farms or they risk not being able to meet green goals. Governments, now, have a very strict and lengthy process before they approve planning, however, people are keen to see this be shorted to start generating more clean energy and hopefully solve the energy crisis.

This issue has been persistent in the wind industry for a long time and sometimes causes turbine designs to be obsolete by the time planning permits are eventually granted. This issue has gained more urgency lately as countries especially across Europe are looking to have a stronger dependency on renewables for the long term.

  One issue across the EU is that renewables should override public interest, a not everyone is onboard with them. The European commissioner has stated that this needs to be enriched in-laws in every country to spend up the process. 

Although the ambitions for renewables are going up and up, this still needs to be followed by policy measures to see real change in this sector.  

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