Net Zero Solutions

Our Plans

There are two service options available depending upon your needs: Carbon Essential and Carbon 1-2-3, with Carbon Resolve solutions available to everyone to maximise financial and carbon savings.

Carbon Essential

Carbon Essential is aimed for those starting out on their journey towards Net Zero.

Includes all you need to monitor and take control of your carbon emissions through energy and fuel use, company owned vehicles and business travel.

Features include:

  • Reporting Scopes 1 & 2 and business travel
  • Measures total carbon and carbon by area
  • Easy data entry and carbon conversion
  • Publishable results to share with stakeholders
  • Multi-platform compatible
  • Customisable reporting dashboard
  • Selectable carbon intensity metrics
  • Prior period comparisons
  • Additional support of Carbon Resolve solutions

Carbon 1-2-3

Carbon 1-2-3 is the Carbon Accounting Software that will take your business to the next level of its net zero journey. Aimed at businesses who are ready to start measuring their Scope 3 emissions and collaborate with their supply chains.

In addition to all the features of Carbon Essential, this service offers:

  • Full Scope 3 Reporting
  • Full SECR Reporting capability
  • Customisable emissions categories to align reporting to your business
  • Analytics suite to enable full analysis and reporting
  • Customisable intensity metrics allowing you to report emissions aligned to your business activities
  • Create, track and report specific projects
  • Track and report the financial impact of saving carbon
  • Mass upload reports for easy data management
  • Additional support of Carbon Resolve solutions

Carbon Resolve

Our additional services are available to all, tailored to your requirements to complete your net zero solution and future-proof your business!

Carbon Resolve solutions will achieve the ultimate in cost savings and emission reductions, ensure stakeholder buy-in and gain a competitive market advantage:

  • Full site audits and supply chain analysis
  • Energy management with installation of BEMS & energy efficiency solutions
  • EV charging installation and company lease hire
  • Feasibility and installation of renewable energy generation, PPA & power storage
  • Waste and water management
  • Support with funding and Green Finance
  • ESG policy development
  • Social value measurement
  • Employee education & engagement
  • Accredited carbon offsetting and carbon trading
  • International accreditation for Net Zero & Energy Management Standards
  • Promotion and management of successes to improve brand awareness

Plan Features Outline

Carbon Essential Carbon 1-2-3
Scope 1 & 2 reporting
Easy data entry (manual)
Set & track benchmarks
Multi-site reporting
Stakeholder reporting
Scope 3 reporting
Automated data entry
Embedded action tracker
Customisable inputs
International reporting
Customisable reporting
Carbon offset reporting
Multiple site data gathering
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Our Additional Services

Carbon Reporting

Stand out from the crowd and win new business: measure your emissions, target savings and report and receive accreditation on your pathway to Net Zero.

Green Tariffs

We negotiate electricity and gas prices to provide your business with bespoke rates and account management, saving your business time, money and carbon.

EV Chargers & Leasing

Reduce emissions from your company vehicles and support staff in making the switch to the EV future to realise the full tax savings.

Energy Efficiency

A full range of energy efficient measures are available to reduce consumption and improve your bottom line – heating, cooling, lighting, electricity supply and control.

Renewable Energy

Generate your own energy to future-proof your business and ensure protection from increasing prices. Don’t own your own building? We can work with your landlord.

Power Storage

Store the energy that you create to save for periods of lower generation, higher demand and to free up capacity for EV charging.

Waste & Water Management

Don’t throw money away or flush it down the drain… Maximise the efficiency of your waste management and utilise water saving solutions to ensure your bottom line is protected.

Finance & Funding

Any funding streams will be utilised to reduce costs, plus access to fully funded, joint venture and lease-to-own Green Finance schemes, with savings covering repayments.

Carbon Offsetting & Trading

Offset your business’ carbon emissions or trade carbon credits through verified schemes to account for the last of the greenhouse gases.

Education & Engagement

Employee understanding and engagement is critical. Our engagement experts can encourage your employees to take ownership and champion the net zero commitment.

Legislation & Policy

Ensure your business stays on top and adheres to the latest environmental legislation and develops a company ESG policy to reflect issues key to its values.


Report and verify your business’ progress towards international environmental standards involving Carbon Neutrality and Energy Management.