What is standing in the way of the renewable revolution

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23rd Aug 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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Planning for renewable energy infrastructure has been taking a long time to be passed by governments across the world. The two biggest factors that have delayed a faster renewable energy transition are,  worries over the space the technologies are going to take up, and the lack of storage for the energy generated. 

One issue that the renewables industry faces in the UK is that government don’t seem to want to use British land for wind and solar farms and instead keeps the land for agricultural use.  This is to keep food products high in the UK. However solar companies have hit back at political comments saying that renewable energy offers cheap clean energy and reduces the UK’s reliance on other countries for energy, improving our energy strategy.

However, others also argue that solar farms pose a risk to the country’s food security, however, if all solar farms that have been put forward to the government were built this would only take up 0.4% of the UK’s agricultural land.

As well as space issues the renewable sector also faces storage issues that stop wind and solar from becoming our sole electricity generation. There is a major supply and demand gap when it comes to renewable electricity as no energy is generated when the sun goes down or the wind stops blowing. Therefore there needs to be more storage infrastructure to bridge this gap.  

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