Voltage Optimisation

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What is Voltage Optimisation?

A Voltage Optimiser simply reduces the voltage applied to electrical equipment to make energy savings.

All electrical equipment intended for use in Europe must carry a CE mark to show it complies with the European Harmonised Voltages between 207-253V

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What is Voltage Optimisation?
How does Voltage Optimisation work?

How does Voltage Optimisation work?

VO works by reducing voltage from the UK average of 242 incoming volts to an acceptable operational 220 volts

Electricity that is not needed is returned to the grid, meaning you do not pay for the excess electricity, saving you money

Has no affect on the performance output of your electrical equipment and appliances as it is still operating within the 207-253V range

Voltage Optimisation Chart

Reasons your business needs Voltage Optimisation

  1. VO increases the lifespan of all electrical appliances and equipment by 46% on average
  2. Competitive payback & ROI of between 8-16 months
  3. Lowers your carbon footprint
  4. Saves up to 19% on your electricity bill
  5. 25 year manufactures warranty
  6. Finance options available
  7. Intelligent machines monitor generated savings in real time and can be shared with stakeholders

Voltage Optimiser Kit Size and Setup


Off the shelf range specifically for use in commercial and light industrial applications

Floor Standing Options

  • Three phase 32A (72kVa) -400 (288kVa)
  • Typical energy savings 8-19%
  • Typical payback 8-16 months
  • Metering and remote monitoring features
  • Additional custom features
  • Approximately size of a dishwasher

Wall mounted options available for smaller spaces


Industrial optimisers which are tailored designed for specific applications

  • Three Phase 400A (288kVa) -4350A (3mVA)
  • Typical energy savings of 8-19%
  • Typical payback 12-24 months
  • Metering and remote monitoring features
  • Additional custom features

Dimensions vary

Voltage Optimisation Case Studies


Sainsbury’s achieved a 25.4% saving using ECO-MAX which was independently verified by RWE Npower


ASDA reduced their harmful carbon emissions by 1,823 tonnes/year, with ECO-MAX paying for its self in just 16.3 months.


Amazon reduced the energy consumption of the Milton Keynes distribution centre by 11.75% with ECO-MAX paying for its self in just 17.2 months.


Kellogg’s ECO-MAX pay for its self in only 21 months by reducing the electricity bill by £37,500 per year.


IKEA reduced the annual electricity bill of their Peterborough site by £19,751 reducing harmful CO2 emissions by 158 tonnes in the process.


BetFred reduced the energy consumption of its shops 15%, an average saving per shop of £670 per year, given Betfred is the world’s largest independent bookmaker operating 1,360 UK high-street shops, this has huge financial and environmental impact on the business.