Net zero review leads to pro-business opportunities

Article posted

8th Feb 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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The UKs net zero reviews has been said to offer a pro-business growth pathway to delivering the UK’s 2050 climate target.

The net-zero review was recently announced.

The new net zero reviews were released to update the current strategy that was announced in 2021. Since the first strategy, there has been a lot of economic change, therefore an update was needed to take this into account.

The new review is going to bring in more innovation for further green growth. Find out more about the net zero review here.  

The impact on businesses

This new review has been seen as a major pro-business opportunity and if this is delayed any further could increase costs and risk the UK missing out on significant economic opportunities presented.

Many businesses have recognised the implications net zero Can have on them, this is reflected in the rapidly growing number of businesses taking on ambitious net zero emission targets and developing strategies in order to meet emission targets.

Due to the UK’s challenging economic situation, there needs to be a rapid shift towards net zero offers, investment and competitiveness or order for industries to survive, especially businesses within the manufacturing, construction, engineering, transport and finance sectors.

This review provided a direct window into what UK businesses and other public bodies need from the government in order to deliver net zero and secure economic opportunities associated with it. 

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