Net zero aviation by 2040

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16th Aug 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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The aviation industry in the UK has come up with a new “jet zero” strategy that hopes to see the industry reaching net zero by 2040. The new green strategy includes how the industry is going to reach net zero by 2040 as well as all UK airports.

Aviation currently contributes around 2.5% of global CO2 emissions. The new Jet Zero strategy looks to reduce this and make flying guilt-free. The industry has developed new infrastructure to meet ambitious targets. The transport secretary has spoken out saying that he wants carbon emissions to drop from now on in this sector and green flights to continue to increase.

Rather than reducing flights and holidays for people by slowing the sector down the pathway recognises that the decarbonisation of this industry has huge benefits. Such as creating jobs for the industries of the future and making sure that UK businesses are at the forefront of this green revolution.

Although this will require investment into fuel efficiency and zero carbon development for aircraft, the strategy aims to improve fuel efficiency by 2% every year, which will reduce money and emissions for the sector in years to come.   

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