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How does Solar Energy work?

Solar panels are devices that convert sunlight into electricity. They are made up of photovoltaic cells, which are made of semiconductor materials such as silicon. When sunlight hits the cells, it causes a flow of electrons, generating a direct current (DC) of electricity. This DC electricity is then sent through an inverter, which converts it into alternating current (AC) electricity that can be used in your business. The solar panels on your roof collect energy from the sun and send it to an inverter, which converts it to electricity you can use. This electricity can be used immediately, stored in a battery for later use, or sent back to the grid. Investing in solar can significantly reduce your electricity bills and your carbon footprint.

Reasons your business needs Solar Energy

  1. Cost savings: Investing in solar energy can significantly reduce a business's electricity costs.
  2. Environmental benefits: Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of energy, which can help a business reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainability.
  3. Energy independence: A solar energy system allows a business to generate its own electricity, reducing its dependence on the traditional power grid.
  4. Government incentives: Many governments offer financial incentives, such as tax credits and rebates, to businesses that invest in solar energy.
  5. Increased property value: Installing solar panels on a property can increase its value and make it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants.
  6. Improved public relations: A business that invests in solar energy can improve its reputation and attract customers who are interested in supporting environmentally-friendly companies.
  7. Reduced energy costs: Solar energy reduces the costs associated with traditional energy sources like coal and natural gas.
  8. Reduced electricity costs: Solar energy reduces the costs associated with traditional electricity sources like coal and natural gas, and it can be stored for use during non-sun hours.
  9. Increase competitiveness: A business that uses solar energy is in a better position to compete with other companies in the market.
  10. Long-term stability: Investing in solar energy provides a business with a stable, long-term energy source that can be used for decades to come.
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Why choose Resolve Net Zero for Solar?

Competitive Pricing

We negotiate the most competitive prices possible for your solar quotes to maximise your ROI and ensure solar is accessible to all businesses.


We work with tried and trusted partners to make sure you get the best deal possible for your business needs.

Fast Response Times

Our quick and easy process is simple and time efficient, meaning you don’t have to stop business operations or deal with any hassle.

No Hidden Costs

We offer a full end to end service, you can be assured that there are no extra running costs or hidden VAT. The price you see on your quote is the price you will pay.

Quality Installation

All installations are carried out professionally and safely. We only use the highest standard materials and will ensure compatibility with your property allowing you to maximise profits.

Various finance options available

We will utilise any funding options available to reduce costs where possible, providing you with the opportunity to save and make money.

After sale maintenance and monitoring

12 month free monitoring system available to see the savings you are making and keep on top of targets by optimizing your usage times to high-generation periods.

Future proof your business

Generate your own energy in order to future-proof your business and increase your protection from rising energy prices.


Reduce emissions from your company with sustainable innovation to achieve ultimate cost savings and reduce your business’ carbon emissions.

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Solar Financing Options

There are several funding options available for Solar PV systems, including capital expenditure and power purchase agreements.

Capital expenditure (CAPEX) also known as “cash purchase”, involves purchasing the solar PV system outright with cash. This option allows for full ownership of the system and the ability to take advantage of tax incentives and rebates. However, it also requires a significant upfront investment.

A power purchase agreement (PPA) is an alternative option where a third-party developer owns, operates, and maintains the solar PV system on your property. Under a PPA, you agree to purchase the electricity generated by the system at a fixed rate for a specific time period. This option allows for little to no upfront cost and can provide long-term savings on electricity costs.

Financing options for solar PV systems can make it easier for businesses to invest in this energy resource. Resolve Net Zero works with a variety of lenders that offer competitive finance deals for solar energy that can be tailored to best fit the needs and budget of your business.

All options have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to carefully consider energy needs and financial situation before deciding.

Resolve Net Zero have significant experience across all funding mechanisms for Solar PV systems and work with a variety of trusted partners that can help advice you accordingly.

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Solar Energy

Solar panels are a great investment for your company. The highly volatile energy market has led to a rise in energy bills and energy rates will never be what they used to. By installing solar PV, you will save money and become more efficient and sustainable in the long run. Becoming a net zero business will attract more customers away from non-green competitors, giving you an advantage in your market.

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