Renewables industry encourage energy crisis talks

Article posted

19th Aug 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) have urged the government to have an emergency summit to tackle rising energy costs.

The two candidates that are going to be taking over as prime minister have failed to say how they plan to tackle rising energy costs, which is going to force some families to choose between fuel or food. Due to this, the REA has suggested an emergency summit between Boris Johnson and the new potential Prime Ministers to gather real clarity on what the country is going to do about the crisis going forward.

It has been said that this new leadership contest has come at a time when urgent policy intervention is needed to tackle energy costs. This has led to concerns that the government is failing to respond to the energy cost and supply crisis.

As well as looking like the tory leaders have not got many plans to reduce the growing cost of energy, they also seem to be against renewable infrastructure as both Truss and Sunak said that they would not want solar farms to take up any agricultural space in the UK.  The REA has said this undermines the solar industry and risks further restrictive policies on solar farms.

If solar development came to a halt, it would undermine the country’s ability to reach net zero and continue the price hike for fuel as the country would be locked into expensive fossil fuels, creating a huge cost to households and businesses.    

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