Reports show Green projects are boosting UK Growth

Article posted

9th Feb 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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A new report by the Confederation of British Industry has shown that more green projects and faster turnarounds for renewable energy are going to boost growth across the UK. This also involves up to 20,000 businesses that could be involved.  

The report also showed that the North of England and Scotland seemed to be doing better when it came to having a green economy than London and the South.

For the UK to grow further when it comes to Net zero, we need to have better planning permissions otherwise as MPs have warned Britain is going to lose its momentum when it comes to growing the green economy. A lot of green investors are now seeing other countries such as America the best place to invest their money.

Restrictive planning permissions need to be changed for offshore wind and solar in the UK. The lack of consistency when it comes to legislation being passed about planning presumptions in the UK is holding back a lot of investment from the private sector.


How renewable energy can improve business energy bills    

Having more clean home generated energy will improve the UK’s energy security. The low energy security in the UK is one of the main reasons the price of energy has been so high recently. This continues to be an issue this year and remains one of the main challenges Britain faces when it comes to higher energy prices.

If the UK could boost the amount of clean energy generated here then this would not only improve energy security but also reduce energy prices in the long run which would mean that your business energy bills would become cheaper.  

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