Temperatures this summer could be risking food security

Article posted

24th Aug 2022

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1-2 min read


Mollie Pinnington

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Due to the soaring temperatures this Summer the UK have started to see an increase in drought conditions for the southeast end of the country. According to the UK’s Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, these drought conditions are likely to last until around October as rainfall and river levels are set to stay low. 

In response to this, areas around the country have already started a hosepipe ban but the impact on food systems could still be serious. Heatwaves across other countries have already reduced yields for crops as well as the war in Ukraine which has threatened food security during this year.

The new PM candidates have been pressured on their plans for food security and improving the UK’s water infrastructure. This places more pressure on Government to bring in measures to improve the sustainability and resilience of food systems.

To help the cost-of-living crisis and secure the national food system policymakers need to rethink the entire value chain in a way that helps both things and ensures they are supporting agricultural businesses in the UK.     

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