What is a voltage optimiser?

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15th Feb 2024

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Mollie Pinnington

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Ever wonder why your electricity bill seems higher than your energy consumption suggests? The culprit might be voltage fluctuations. The national grid provides electricity supply at a set voltage, but your building may have variations that waste energy.

A voltage optimiser is a device that ensures your equipment gets the right voltage for best performance and cost savings.

With a voltage reduction your business could save up to 19% on their energy bills ad prolong the lifespan of your electrcical equipment.

So, what exactly is a voltage optimiser?

Think of it as a transformer specifically designed specifically for reducing the voltage that comes from the grid to a level that's more suitable for your equipment.

Most appliances and machinery are designed to operate at lower voltages than the standard grid supply, often exceeding their optimal voltage needs. This excess voltage translates to wasted energy, increased wear and tear, and ultimately, higher electricity bills.

This energy saving teqnique has the average energy savings of:

  • For a large business - Based on a yearly electrcity spend of £12,726 a large business could save up to £2400 per year.
  • For a medium business - Based on a yearly electrcity spend of £5,891 a medium sized business could save up to £1120 per year.
  • For a micro business - Based on a yearly electrcity spend of £2,813 a large business could save up to £530 per year.


The benefits of voltage optimisation are numerous

  • Reduced energy consumption: By providing the right voltage, optimisers reduce the energy drawn by your equipment, leading to immediate cost savings on your electricity bills. Studies suggest savings of up to 19%!
  • Extended equipment lifespan: Operating at optimal voltage reduces stress on your equipment, minimising wear and tear and extending its lifespan. This translates to fewer repairs and replacements, saving you money in the long run.
  • Improved power quality: Voltage fluctuations can cause disruptions and malfunctions in sensitive equipment. Optimisers smooth out these fluctuations, ensuring consistent power quality and improved equipment performance.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: Lower energy consumption directly translates to a smaller carbon footprint, making your business more environmentally responsible.


Why do businesses need a voltage optimiser?

The answer is simple: every business can benefit from improved energy efficiency, reduced costs, and extended equipment life. Whether you run a small office or a large manufacturing facility, voltage fluctuations are likely impacting your bottom line. Here are some specific reasons why:


  • Offices: Computers, printers, and other IT equipment are particularly sensitive to voltage fluctuations. Optimisation can lead to significant energy savings and ensure smooth operation of your critical business systems.
  • Retail stores: Lighting, refrigeration, and other equipment consume a large portion of energy in retail spaces. Optimising voltage can significantly reduce energy costs and extend the life of expensive equipment.
  • Manufacturing facilities: Industrial machinery operates at specific voltage requirements. Fluctuations can lead to production inefficiencies, equipment damage, and downtime. Optimisation ensures consistent performance and reduces maintenance costs.


Investing in a voltage optimiser is a smart decision for any business looking to improve its energy efficiency, reduce costs, and extend the life of its equipment. With minimal installation and maintenance requirements, the payback period is often short, making it a wise investment for long-term cost savings and sustainability.

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