How UK Print & Production Embraces Solar Power

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9th Feb 2024

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Mollie Pinnington

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The UK's print and production industry are undergoing a transformation, not just in its processes, but also in its commitment to sustainability. One key driver of this change is the increasing adoption of solar panels on factory roofs, offering a win-win for businesses and the environment.

Let's delve into how solar power is illuminating the path towards a more sustainable future for this dynamic industry.


Free solar

Businesses in all industries are now taking full advantage of schemes that is getting them solar panels on their rooftops for free. With a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

PPA essentially means that your solar panels will be put on your roof with no investment from yourself, you just then have to pay for the power they generate, which will be much lower than your standard electricity fixed rate. At the end of the PPA contract you will be gifted the full solar PV system, or you have the option to buy it at any point.

Benefits of free solar:

  • Free solar PV system.
  • Completely covered on the installation and maintenance of the system.
  • Pay a lower fixed amount for electricity. (much lower than paying for electricity from the national grid.)
  • Gifted the whole solar PV system when the contract ends.
  • Option to buy at any point.
  • Increase the value of your property.
  • Lower your companies carbon footprint.


Companies we have recently worked with

We recently worked with Thomas Leach Colour, a printing company in the UK that wanted to reduce their carbon usage with solar. After working out the companies goals and savings, we worked with Electron Green, who installed the solar panels and will take care of the maintenance throughout the companies solar journey.

Electron Green  installed 117 panels at the firms site which is projected to save them up to £400,000 in energy bills over the next 35 years. In turn this project also reduces the companies grid usage by up 45% and will help them save up to 357 tonne of carbon in the next 25 years.

Thomas Leach Solar being installedThomas Leach solar finished project

The above images show the Solar installation on the comany building for Thomas Leach Colour. 


What are the benefits of solar to print and production companies? 

Free Solar is a massive benefit to companies like Thomas Leach.  See more benefits below:


Energy bills are a significant expense for print and production facilities. By harnessing the free power of the sun, businesses can generate their own electricity, leading to substantial cost savings. Studies show reductions of up to 70% on electricity bills, directly impacting profitability and competitiveness. The Print Power initiative, a collaboration between industry bodies and the UK government, estimates that solar could save the industry £50 million annually.

Greener Image, Brighter Brand

Consumers are increasingly seeking out environmentally conscious brands. Installing solar panels demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, enhancing brand reputation and attracting eco-conscious customers. This is particularly valuable in the print industry, where concerns about paper usage and resource consumption are prevalent. Solar adoption allows businesses to proudly showcase their green initiatives, building trust and loyalty.

Energy Independence & Security

Fluctuations in energy prices and grid vulnerabilities can disrupt operations and impact costs. Solar panels offer a degree of energy independence, mitigating the impact of price hikes and power outages. This ensures consistent operations, protects production schedules, and ultimately safeguards business continuity.

Government Incentives & Support

The UK government actively supports the transition to renewable energy. Grants, tax breaks, and feed-in tariffs incentivize businesses to invest in solar, making the initial cost more manageable. Additionally, schemes like the Smart Export Guarantee allow businesses to earn income by selling excess solar energy back to the grid.

Beyond the Bottom Line: While the economic benefits are significant, the environmental impact holds immense value. Solar power reduces greenhouse gas emissions, combats climate change, and promotes cleaner air. The print and production industry, often associated with resource use, takes a positive step towards environmental responsibility by embracing solar energy.

The Future is Bright

The benefits of solar power for the UK's print and production industry are undeniable. From cost savings and brand enhancement to energy security and environmental responsibility, solar offers a sustainable and profitable path forward. As technology advances and incentives continue, expect to see more and more factory rooftops basking in the sunshine, powering a brighter future for the industry and the planet.

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