Businesses gain easier rooftop access

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21st Feb 2024

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Mollie Pinnington

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In a significant move towards a greener future, the government has announced reforms aimed at simplifying the process for businesses to install solar panels on their rooftops. These changes address long-standing challenges and are expected to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy across the commercial sector.

Previously, businesses faced hurdles in the form of lengthy and costly planning permission processes, particularly for larger installations. This often discouraged companies from pursuing solar solutions, despite their potential benefits in terms of cost savings and environmental impact.

However, the recent reforms address these concerns by:

  • Scrapping planning permission requirements for larger installations: Businesses can now install solar panels generating up to one megawatt of electricity without navigating the planning system. This eliminates delays and associated costs, making large-scale rooftop solar projects more feasible.
  • Simplifying rules for flat roofs: Previously, flat roofs faced stricter regulations compared to pitched roofs. The new reforms bring these regulations in line, allowing businesses with flat roofs to install solar panels without additional hurdles.
  • Encouraging solar car park canopies: The government supports the installation of solar panels over car parks, provided they are situated at least ten meters away from residences. This maximizes usable space and promotes the efficient generation of clean energy.


These reforms are expected to have sevral benefits:

  • Increased adoption of solar: By removing bureaucratic obstacles, businesses are more likely to embrace solar power, leading to a significant boost in overall solar capacity.
  • Reduced energy costs: Businesses can benefit from lower electricity bills by generating their own clean energy, improving their financial bottom line and enhancing their sustainability credentials.
  • Environmental benefits: Widespread adoption of solar power translates to reduced reliance on fossil fuels, contributing to national emission reduction targets and combating climate change.


The government's commitment to streamlining the process for rooftop solar installations is a positive step towards a more sustainable future. By empowering businesses to harness clean energy, these reforms pave the way for a greener and more energy-independent economy.

It's important to note that while these reforms represent significant progress, further initiatives may be necessary to fully unlock the potential of rooftop solar. These could include financial incentives, streamlined financing options, and educational programs to raise awareness among businesses about the benefits of solar energy.

Overall, the government's recent actions signal a strong commitment to promoting renewable energy and empowering businesses to contribute to a sustainable future. The impact of these reforms will be closely monitored, and further steps may be taken to ensure the widespread adoption of rooftop solar solutions across the commercial sector.

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