Government push on commercial solar power

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2nd Jun 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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The government have appointed a new solar task force to help meet their 70GW solar power by 2035 target. This task force has begun to investigate the untapped solar potential of commercial properties.

At the first meeting with the new solar task forces plans were discussed for a solar revelation that could upgrade schools, warehouses, and car parks. The government plans to introduce new infrastructure to help Britain source cleaner and cheaper energy sources.

The government have been focused on getting more domestic solar panels fitted with incentives for many families. However, the commercial solar panel has been fourteen about. With much bigger building and more options for solar energy going back into the grid, the government are starting to focus on solar for businesses.

Although government members are currently still discussing how to increase commercial solar, this could lead to incentives for businesses that install new solar panels.

Why is solar so important to reaching net zero?

Solar is one type of energy source that is renewable and clean and has the potential to power a lot of the national grid.  This is why the government are hoping to increase solar capacity in the UK by nearly fivefold by 2035.

Solar power is key to the UK’s net zero ambitions. Whether this is rooftops or farms around the country a lot more work needs to be implemented into this area to ensure the grid is receiving a higher amount of clean generated energy.

With this new task force, the government is hoping to break down the barriers to harnessing solar power whilst using a small amount of the country’s land.


Benefits of solar for businesses

Solar power can massively benefit businesses especially as energy prices have been a lot higher over the past few years due to different geopolitical issues.

Solar panels offer businesses a variety of benefits. From an energy standpoint, solar panels can reduce energy costs by taking advantage of the free energy from the sun. This leads to increased efficiency in energy consumption. The use of solar panels can also substantially reduce carbon emissions compared to traditional sources of electricity, which is beneficial for both the environment and public health.

Solar panels can provide a significant cost savings to businesses over the long run. The initial capital outlay may seem daunting, but thanks to advances in technology, solar panels have become much more affordable and efficient than they used to be. Furthermore, the money saved on energy costs will quickly pay back the investment and then some. Over time, the savings become even more impressive.

On an emotional level, using solar panels offers a sense of satisfaction for those who care about the environment and want to do their part to reduce emissions. It also serves as a great way for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability initiatives, which may encourage customers or other stakeholders to engage with them in the future.

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