Net zero to transform the economy with green jobs

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9th Jun 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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By committing to Net zero targets the UK has already begun to materially transform a lot of the economy. This gives the country an opportunity for high-quality green jobs across UK regions. However, the full potential of the growth the UK could reach has to be backed with stronger policies to harness this potential and manage risks.

Over the whole transition to Net Zero, the government needs to have a hands-on approach when it comes to green jobs as a hands-off approach would not work.  Having new green jobs will help with further renewable energy generation and electric vehicle output.

How are more green jobs going to impact the UK?

Green jobs are going to be a vital part of the UK's transition to Net Zero. In particular, they will help drive the creation of new renewable energy sources and electric vehicles, creating jobs for engineers, technologists, construction workers, and many more. Not only that, but green businesses will contribute to the local economy as well as provide new opportunities for businesses, which in turn could potentially create jobs.

In addition to creating new green jobs, the UK should also focus on retaining existing employees to meet the demands of the Net Zero transition. This will ensure that workers can take advantage of these growth opportunities and help them reach their potential.


How will the UK manage this?

The UK is expecting to grow sectors which have workers playing a key role in helping the country reach its Net Zero targets. This includes the energy sector, which is set to create tens of thousands of new jobs over the next decade as renewable energy sources become increasingly dominant and electric vehicle production increases. Other sectors such as engineering, construction, automotive, and technology will also be impacted by the Net Zero transition.

To help manage this growth, the government needs to ensure that all green jobs are of high quality, with sufficient pay and good working conditions. They should also provide training opportunities for existing workers so they can become more skilled in their area of expertise. Additionally, businesses should invest in upskilling and retraining employees to help them transition into new roles, as well as making sure that these jobs are given to local workers whenever possible.

Ultimately, by committing to Net Zero targets the UK is setting a course for an exciting future for green jobs. With increased investment in the sector, more opportunities will be created, and current workers can benefit from the growth. This will contribute to the Net Zero transition, helping the UK become a global leader in green jobs.  By making sure these jobs are of high quality and investing in upskilling existing employees, businesses and workers can take advantage of this new age of green growth.


Will this benefit your business?   

As the government are looking to increase green jobs, they should be creating incentives for companies to invest in green jobs. This could include tax breaks or subsidies for businesses that actively employ people in green jobs, which would help to ensure that these businesses are successful and competitive.

By focusing on green jobs, the UK can begin its transition to Net Zero while creating quality employment opportunities across the country. Investing in green jobs will help the UK reach its target while creating a better future.

Having green jobs within your business will also help the company become more sustainable as the economy changes into a more eco friendly manner over the next couple of years.

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