How much energy do solar panels produce?

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27th Mar 2024

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Mollie Pinnington

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The rise of energy bills over the past few years has forced businesses across the UK to seek solutions for cost reduction and sustainability. Commercial solar panels emerge as a bright answer, offering a path towards lower electricity bills and a greener company image. But before you embrace the solar revolution, a crucial question lingers: how much power does a solar panel produce for your business?

How much electricity does a solar panel produce?

The answer, unfortunately, isn't a simple one-size-fits-all. The energy output of your commercial solar panels hinges on a symphony of factors:

  • System Size: The grander the installation, the more panels you'll have soaking up the sun's rays, naturally translating to higher electricity generation.
  • Panel Efficiency: Not all panels are created equal. Some boast superior efficiency in converting sunlight into usable energy, impacting your overall output.
  • Sunlight Exposure: The UK basks in a regional sunlight lottery. Southern regions generally receive more sunshine compared to their northern counterparts, directly influencing production.
  • Roof Pitch and Direction: Imagine your roof as a sun worshiper. South-facing roofs with a perfect tilt angle capture the most sunlight, maximizing energy generation.

While there are no guaranteed figures, commercial systems typically range from 20kW to 50kW for small and medium businesses. These systems have the potential to significantly offset your business's electricity needs.


Solar panel output

Let's translate this into real-world numbers: As a rule of thumb, a 1kW solar panel system in the UK can generate roughly 800kWh of electricity per year. This translates to a potential generation of 16,000kWh annually for a 20kW system and a whopping 40,000kWh for a 50kW system.


But how do these numbers translate to real savings on your bills?

From businesses we have worked with we have seen a huge difference in their monthly spending on energy bills due to solar production. One business we worked with had a 62.05 kWp system installed on their building, this will equate to £16,736 savings in the first year and a 45% reduction in electricity bills going forward.

The savings made for your business can make a huge difference on your energy bills as you can see from above.

The benefits extend beyond immediate cost savings. By embracing solar, businesses can significantly reduce their reliance on the national grid, potentially lowering electricity bills and bolstering their environmental credentials. Government incentives like tax reliefs further sweeten the deal. Remember, solar panels boast a lifespan of 25 years or more, making the initial investment a sound decision with significant long-term payoffs.


Ready to Harness the Power of the Sun?

The path to solar power starts with a personalized assessment. Consult with reputable solar panel installers who can evaluate your business's specific needs and estimate potential solar power generation. With careful planning and the right system in place, your business can bask in the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy.


Beyond the Basics: Optimizing Your Solar Potential

While we've explored the core factors influencing energy production, here are some additional considerations to maximize your solar power potential:

  • Shading: Trees, chimneys, or neighbouring buildings can cast shadows on your panels, hindering their efficiency. Ensure your roof receives ample sunlight throughout the day.
  • Panel Maintenance: Regular cleaning of your panels removes dust and debris, ensuring optimal sunlight absorption and energy generation.
  • Battery Storage: Consider integrating battery storage into your system. This allows you to store excess solar energy generated during peak sunlight hours for use later, even at night or during cloudy days.
  • Monitoring Systems: Invest in a solar monitoring system to track your energy production in real-time. This valuable data allows you to identify potential issues and optimize system performance.

By taking these steps, you can ensure your commercial solar panel system operates at peak efficiency, maximizing energy generation and cost savings for your business.


The Future of Solar Power in the UK

The UK government recognizes the potential of solar power and has implemented policies to encourage its adoption. Initiatives like the Feed-in Tariff scheme offer businesses financial incentives for generating their own electricity through solar panels. With advancements in solar technology and increasing affordability, commercial solar panels are poised to become an even more attractive option for businesses in the UK.

By embracing solar power, businesses can illuminate a path towards a sustainable future, reduce their environmental impact, and illuminate their bottom line with significant cost savings. So, why not join the solar revolution and let the sun power your business success?

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