Carbon management pathway for UK businesses

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14th Dec 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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The UK government’s carbon management pathway and what it means for businesses

As business owners in the UK, you should be aware of the government's ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve Net Zero by 2050. This comes from the UK being a part of the Paris agreement that pledged to ensure that the global temperature does not go over 1.5C.

As part of the government’s plan for Net Zero, they want businesses to be reaching net zero by 2030.   Carbon management is a key component of this plan; therefore, it is important to understand how your business could reduce its carbon footprint or use carbon offsets to balance out emissions.

The UK government is introducing various incentives to make Net Zero easier for businesses such as green energy procurement, grants for clean energy technologies, and investments in innovative solutions for Net Zero carbon targets.

Although the goal may seem out of reach at this time, investing in Net Zero strategies now can set up your business for lasting success in the future.

Why reducing your carbon footprint is important for both the environment and your bottom line

Reducing carbon footprint is essential for businesses in the current climate and beyond. With the energy price increases we have seen in 2022, reducing energy consumption in Scope 1 and 2 emissions could help businesses lower their energy bills for 2023. These are emissions such as building operations and purchasing electricity.

Reducing Scope 3 emissions, like from transportation or other companies' operations in their supply chain, should also be considered to generate a positive corporate image while striving towards net zero accreditation. This can help differentiate businesses and be beneficial to stakeholders in the future.

Doing this is important to ensure that you save your company money. Investing in low-carbon technologies will also reduce your energy consumption, leaving your business less reliant on gas and electricity. This will also help your business avoid high price volatility in the energy market.


How to get started on reducing your carbon emissions, including tips and resources

Running a business requires a lot of energy, but as carbon emissions become more and more of an issue, it's important to find ways to reduce energy consumption while also reducing carbon footprint. Here are some things your business can start doing now to reduce emissions:

Energy audit

Businesses can begin by auditing their energy use and focusing on how to reduce emissions. By doing an energy audit you can see where energy is peaking and where it can be reduced.

Investing in new technology

Investing in low-carbon alternatives like renewable energy sources and electric/hybrid vehicles can help reduce the carbon footprint for businesses. At Resolve Net Zero we can help your business find the most cost-effective renewable technology suited to your business. See our range of solutions here.

Implementing best practices into your business

Additionally, businesses should be conscious of their waste management processes and take steps towards responsible disposal habits. Encouraging workplace behavior that takes carbon emission reduction into account (e.g., turning off the lights after leaving the office) is also a great way to cut down on carbon emissions in the workplace. Providing employees with eco-friendly resources such as refillable thermoses or water bottles is another simple way organizations can play an active role in reducing their carbon footprint.

These practices will not only have a positive environmental impact but may save businesses money in the long run - making it all beneficial!


The benefits of working with a carbon management consultant to help you reduce your emissions

Having an environmental consultant on board can be quite beneficial to any business as they are experts in reducing costs and improving efficiency through environmental measures. An environmental consultant can show a business how to reduce their energy consumption, indicating the best products and materials available while also suggesting renewable energy options that offer energy alternatives.

Additionally, they are also able to inform on regulations, ensuring the company remains compliant with the law. Through such strategies, businesses often see huge reductions in running costs from both capital investments and operational actions. Whether it is understanding incentives for investing in new technology or training staff on best practice methods, an experienced environmental consultant is essential to create cost savings for any modern business with sustainability in mind.

At the end of the day, having a carbon management strategy is essential in order for your business to be successful in the modern world. Investing in cost effective measures that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions can help businesses save money while helping to protect our environment for future generations. Working with a specialized environmental consultant such as Resolve Net Zero can help any business develop an appropriate strategy that suits their needs and objectives.


Reduce your business emissions today

The main components of a successful net zero carbon strategy should include energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and responsible waste management practices. Having an experienced environmental consultant on board can help businesses develop effective strategies to reduce their carbon footprint while also saving money in the long run.

Resolve Net Zero has a team of experienced environmental consultants that will not only improve your business's energy efficiency but also help you reach net zero in the most cost-effective way to your business. To find out more get in touch or get a free quote.  


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