World recycling day: how to get involved

Article posted

17th Mar 2023

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4-7 min read


Mollie Pinnington

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What is world recycling day?

World recycling day is an annual event that is aimed to raise global awareness of the importance of recycling and encourage individuals to think about how they can reduce waste. This helps to promote more sustainable practices for individuals and organisations. This is celebrated on the 18th of March each year, in this blog, we will give your business ways to get involved this year! 

Why is this important

Recently the effects of the climate crisis have been clear, awareness days like this point out how everyone doing their own bit can reduce the effects we have on the planet. At climate meetings it has been mentioned how this generation is the last chance to prevent irreparable damage to the globe. For this to happen we need the awareness everybody being on board.


What could your business do to get involved?

For businesses, there are a variety of engaging and impactful ways to get involved in this day such as hosting collections of old electronics or plastics, running internal campaigns encouraging sustainable practices like purchasing reusable materials rather than disposable, or sponsoring local clean-up days.

Whatever activities you decide to participate in, be sure that contributions benefit your community and also bring attention to larger environmental issues so that your business is seen as an advocate of sustainability. Here are some initiatives your business could take this year:

  • Take the time to learn about recycling and encourage employee awareness.
  • Take some action – show that your business is prepared to change in order to become more sustainable.
  • Get involved with your community- people are more likely to support local businesses that get involved with their community.


Why showing sustainability is becoming increasingly important for businesses.

With the growing importance of environmental consciousness and social responsibility, businesses have a moral obligation to ensure their operations align with sustainability goals. By taking the initiative to reduce their carbon footprint and practice green initiatives, companies are not only setting an example for other businesses to follow; they are also gaining consumers’ trust and help support positive changes in society. Additionally, by following sustainable practices and investing in renewables, businesses can benefit from cost savings as well as improving public relationships. Showing more dedication towards such values will demonstrate that the company is forward-thinking and proactive about general welfare and it will add great value to the business in the long run.


Your business needs to be thinking about more sustainable practices.

In order to improve overall business operations, your business needs to transition from a traditional approach to more sustainable practices. It is increasingly important for companies to reduce the environmental impact of their activities and increase efficiency in the long run. Not only could this add money to your bottom line, but it could also help achieve greater sustainability objectives such as reducing waste or making better use of available resources. Moreover, exploring and adopting more eco-friendly practices will make us an example of good corporate social responsibility practices. These types of initiatives are beneficial both in terms of market positioning and achieving business objectives. Therefore, transitioning to a more sustainable approach is imperative if we want to move forward as a company.


Get ahead of the competition

For businesses to stand out from their competition in today's economy, it is critical for them to get involved with meaningful causes. Increasingly, customers and stakeholders alike wish to be associated with businesses that show they are making a positive difference in the world - this includes participating in world recycling days. Doing so helps to demonstrate not only your commitment as an organization to contributing back but also your dedication towards protecting the planet. Crucially, getting involved in initiatives such as this showcase how hardworking your company is, allowing you to outshine competitors that may have chosen not to do the same. Therefore, taking part in environment-focused days not only highlights your activism on an important issue but also fosters loyalty from current audiences and attracts new ones.

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