World Earth Day

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22nd Apr 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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What is world earth day?

On Friday the 22nd of April people around the globe celebrate World earth day. Usually, Earth Day is celebrated by billions around the world with people using the day to talk and draw attention to the environment. This day started in 1970 and has stuck to become an annual day devoted to the environment.

Earth Day began in America as a protest in cities and towns across the country over the damage that was being done to the planet. Now over 50 years later this has become a global effort to spread awareness of the damage that is still being done to our planet.

Participating in earth day often takes many forms such as home or workplace projects such as planting herb gardens in the kitchen or picking up litter around the building that you work in. People also might join volunteer groups for planting a tree or other ecological projects. You could also just spread the message about climate change either through word of mouth or by sharing content online.


Why is it important

In more recent years the Earth Day movement has turned its attention more towards the impending climate crisis we are facing.  In August 2021 the IPCC published a report with findings that were “a code red for humanity” with warnings that the earth’s temperature is set to rise by 2 degrees if action against the climate is not taken. many people have been disappointed with the government’s current efforts for net-zero since the Cop26 was signed back in November. That is why this Earth Day is important for people as it is their opportunity to put pressure on the governments to do something about the climate.

This year’s theme for world earth day is “Invest in our planet”. This is to urge governments, businesses, and individuals to invest in a better future for the planet. This means that everyone needs to be utilizing what they have to promote a green economy.


How your business can become more sustainable

Your business can also play a big part in investing in the future by making changes to how you use energy within your business. You can also switch what type of energy you use as a business as sustainability is the path to prosperity.


Save energy

One way that your business can help is by using less energy. Make sure that your business is not overusing gas and electricity when it is not needed. This could be making sure that electrical appliances are switched off when they are not in use. For example, make use of natural light during the day instead of having the lights on n the office. Lighting can account for up to 40% of a business’s electrical usage so it may be even worthwhile installing automatic lighting.

Also, for SMEs, it might even be useful to have a smart meter in your office so people can keep an eye on how much energy is being used, this might help you be more careful with your energy expenditure.

Switching to an energy contract that is more appropriate to your business might also help you save energy. 


Educate employees

If your employees are not aware of the business change to do better, then they are going to be unaware of what they can do to create change. why not take Earth Day to educate your employees on how their role in the business can help to reduce the carbon consumption of the business and help reach net zero goals you may have.  


Switch to a different tariff

When you are next switching your energy, it might be a good time to start thinking about renewing your contract with a green tariff as opposed to a brown tariff. Having a green energy tariff will mean that you are paying your supplier for energy that has been generated by renewable resources such as solar panels or wind turbines. At Online Energy we work with some of the biggest energy suppliers in the UK, many of which are planning to buy 100% green energy within the next few years.



Small changes everyone can make

Here are some ideas of small carbon reduction or offsetting schemes you could implement in your workplace amongst employees to get the business more involved in world earth day. This will also promote net-zero practices.  

Cycle to work

You could introduce a cycle to work scheme for employees or even a walk to work scheme. This could entice people to use less public transport or cars to get to and from work. You could even have prizes for employees that do this the most.

Add plantations on your premise

Adding small herb gardens or flower beds to the outside of your premises or having bigger projects such as tree planting could go towards carbon offsetting. This could be another way to educate your employees on how certain differences in the businesses can lead the business to net-zero.


Business recycles schemes

As a business, you can make more of an effort to convert waste into reusable material. Make sure you have an effective waste management service, once you have this you can start getting your employees involved. Things such as different colored bins for recycling different materials. Make sure your staff know about the scheme and even consider introducing incentives to ensure they follow it.   


Making sure our businesses get to Net Zero

What we can do to get you to net-zero

Developing a Carbon management pathway to reduce emissions should be part of every business’s commitment over the next coming years. Resolve net zero can help do this, with our competitive market advantage we can ensure your business becomes a sustainable, net-zero business.

Whether you have a strategy for carbon reduction or are not sure where to start we can help you every step of the way.

At Resolve Net Zero we offer many different services that can help your business reach net zero such as:

  • Carbon reporting
  • Green tariffs
  • EV chargers & leasing
  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy
  • Power storage
  • Waste & water management
  • Finance and funding
  • Carbon offsetting & trading
  • Education & engagement
  • Legislation & policy
  • Accreditation



Invest in your business’s future

Most businesses have little awareness or understanding of major Government environmental initiatives, and most don’t track their environmental impact. Yet SMEs make up 99% of UK business and produce 1/3 of our greenhouse gas emissions.

Your business must be taking the time now to react and adapt. Net zero will be an opportunity to lead the way and invest in your futures business.



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