Voltage Optimisation for businesses

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11th Oct 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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Is your business wasting electricity?

Did you know your business could be wasting electricity and adding extra costs to your monthly electricity bill that is completely unnecessary?

Most equipment in the UK is designed for the European market, which means that it will work in a voltage range from 207V to 253V. However, most appliances will work best and most efficiently at 220V. In the UK, the electricity is supplied up t 253V.

This means that you are overvolting your electric equipment, leading to higher energy costs for wasted electricity. Although this might not seem like a lot of energy this can build up, especially if you use electric equipment all day and all night.

Examples of equipment that could save you money if they were run on a lower voltage:

  • Offices- computers, heating, lighting
  • Hairdresser- heating, lighting, and hair equipment.
  • Manufacturing- lighting, pumps, fans, and electric motors
  • Leisure centres or Spa's- aircon, heating and sports equipment
  • Retail shops- controls, security, refrigerators, ovens, and lighting
  • Hotels- heating, guest services, refrigerators, ovens, and lighting



Is a higher electric voltage breaking my equipment?

Not only are you paying more than you need for electricity by doing this, but you also could be damaging equipment. A higher voltage oversupplies your equipment leading to a shorter lifespan of the equipment.


What is voltage Optimisation?

Fortunately, there is a clever energy-saving technique your business can use to reduce your voltage. This is called voltage Optimisation (VO). VO regulates the amount of energy coming in from the national grid. The energy is then reduced so the voltage that is supplied to your equipment is at the optimum level.

Voltage Optimisation technology works by using a device known as a Voltage optimiser.


How does a voltage optimiser work?

A Voltage Optimiser is installed in series with your electricity supply. they are usually positioned between your utility meter and the consumer unit board. When electricity comes through the voltage optimiser it becomes reduced to the optimum level for your equipment. Then it bounces back the unwanted electricity to the grid.

This means that you only use the electricity that is needed for your business, and you save money on the energy that is not needed.

Voltage measurement and management can also help to smooth out supply and demand peaks that can occur with voltage straight from the national grid. With VO technology you can avoid sudden demand surges or supply drops.

This technology can also be tailored to each business’s electrical consumption needs. It can either be set at a certain level for high incoming voltage profiles or if your energy usage fluctuates a lot, you can use VO to maintain a desired optimum voltage level.

Benefits of Voltage Optimisation

Return on investment

With any financial investment, the best way to see whether it is worth it for your business is to look at the ROI. With VO, not only will you make your money back in savings, but the payback time is incredibly short. The businesses see instant savings from voltage Optimisation and payback is usually seen in 2-4 years.

Lower energy consumption

Voltage Optimisation will reduce the amount of power supply your business requires. This in turn will lead to immediate savings on your electricity bill. See savings of up to 19% straight away.

Reduces carbon emissions

By using less energy, you also reduce the number of carbon emissions your business is responsible for. This will reduce your carbon footprint and increase your green credentials. In turn, this could give your business a bigger market advantage and improve your reputation.

Improves electrical equipment

As we mentioned before, using too much electrical charge to power your equipment can lead it to lose efficiency. This could reduce productivity over time and wear equipment down quicker. Using your equipment at the optimum voltage level means that you will have to replace it less.

Monitor usage

With VO technology you can access saving information easy to see just how much your business is saving. This will also help when showing ROI.



Is Voltage Optimisation worth it?

Whilst looking at what voltage Optimisation can do for your business; it has some good advantages. However, it is also always a good idea to assess whether something is a good fit for your specific business.

When it comes to voltage Optimisation it is best to know how much of your electric equipment in your business is voltage dependent. Deciding whether your equipment is voltage dependent might mean that you need to seek expert advice to assess your equipment.

However, this is always best to look at before deciding whether a voltage optimiser is a good choice for your home or business.


Finding the best option for your business

Like many other renewable energy systems, there are many options to consider when it comes to voltage Optimisation. Luckily for you at Resolve energy, we have a team of renewable energy consultants who will find the best voltage Optimisation equipment for your business.

Contact us today and we will ensure our business gets voltage Optimisation equipment that is compatible with your energy requirements and overall organisation.



How do you measure the success of voltage Optimization?

You will be able to monitor and track just how well your voltage optimiser is working through a remote monitoring system that could be accessed anywhere.


Can Voltage Optimiser work with other renewable energy systems?

Yes, VO can work with a range of renewable energy systems including solar PV panels.


Will installing a voltage optimiser disrupt business operations?

Voltage optimisers are quick and easy for a trained electrician to install. This means that business operations should not be too disrupted. It could also be possible to install equipment at an off-peak business time or on a day where business the business is closed.


When can I expect to start seeing savings from a Voltage Optimiser?

You will start to see savings on your energy bills as early as 2-3 months after the installation of the voltage optimiser.

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