SMEs need to uptake more sustainable practices.

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20th Feb 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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Not many UK businesses have sustainability teams

Investing in a sustainability team or professional can provide huge rewards for businesses. From increased revenue to improved brand recognition, the benefits of such an investment are numerous.

However, despite this many businesses in the UK seem to be slow on the uptake. With only 7% of companies having large dedicated sustainability teams, it appears that more must be done to make organisations aware of these advantages.

By investing in such a team, companies can ensure they remain competitive and engaged in ever-evolving trends like sustainable practices.


Smaller businesses don’t seem to have the resources to become sustainable  

Despite 92% of UK businesses expressing support for sustainability, the research found that only 1/3 of them have a dedicated resource to drive their sustainability agenda. Of those that don't, it appears smaller businesses are less likely to recognise the need for a committed resource.

Businesses with less than 50 staff accounted for the vast majority of this lack of provision, and surprisingly even large companies were managing these objectives with just a single employee.

It may be that businesses are underestimating how much they can do to improve sustainability practices or simply placing it lower on their priority list. Either way, this could indicate that many companies still need help in understanding the importance and potential value added created by having dedicated sustainability efforts.


SMEs seem to have positive attitudes towards sustainability

However, the fact that sustainability is being pushed up on the business agenda is certainly a positive step towards a more sustainable future, but this progress shouldn't be mistaken as a sign that sustainability has already reached its final destination. Unfortunately, many businesses don't yet see the importance of embracing energy efficiency and other sustainable practices, ignoring the long-term benefit of cost reduction in favour of quicker financial relief.

Although the long-term savings from investing in green initiatives can be substantial for any organization, the pressure to cut costs in the short term often blinds decision-makers to these opportunities. Ultimately, governments and industry must come together to show businesses how sustainability is good for them now and in the longer term if we are going to make lasting change.


More support is needed for SMEs to be able to work towards sustainability


For the roughly 5.9 million SMEs in the United Kingdom, environmental impact has been on everyone's radar for years. As regulations tighten to contain unwanted environmental damage, many of these small and medium-sized enterprises have been hard-pressed to find ways of reducing their own ecological footprint.

Companies have gone so far as to invest in green technology, make changes to business practices, and reduce product wastage - all with the goal of reducing their environmental impact.

Unfortunately, under current economic constraints, it becomes harder and harder to continue such progress. Without help from local governments or sustainability funding, most SMEs find themselves struggling to stay afloat amidst these challenging times while still trying somehow to take ecological steps forward.

It is undeniable that larger businesses have a major role when it comes to environmental sustainability. However, due to the prevalence of small and medium size enterprises in the UK, attention should be given to them as well.

SMEs are reportedly responsible for almost half of the non-household emissions in the country, which highlights the fact that they have a very important function in reaching net-zero targets.

 As environmental awareness is taking center stage, progressively more companies are making corporate social responsibility a central aspect of their strategies and activities.

Unfortunately, many businesses are hindered by a lack of financial resources or not being able to find suitable solutions; these appear to be the biggest issues when it comes to climate action for SMEs. There lies an urgent need to make investments and devise effective ways for SMEs to reduce their carbon footprint even with limited funds available.


How Resolve Net Zero can help

With resilient businesses often being the cornerstone of a strong economy, it is essential that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK have access to viable plans for their sustainability ambitions.

Luckily, at Resolve Net Zero we offer innovative solutions which can be tailored to SMEs so that they do not need the same level of resources as larger companies to put into meeting those goals.

In this way, it can be easier for SMEs to commit to sustainability plans without needing an entire team devoted solely to such efforts - allowing them more time and money to dedicate elsewhere within their organization.

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Plans to reduce consumption

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