Shell's green hydrogen plant in Europe

Article posted

7th Jul 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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One of the UK’s biggest energy suppliers Shell has set out to build Europe’s biggest green hydrogen plant as European countries are keen to end their reliance on Russian energy imports.

The energy company have taken the investment decision to build the plant “Holland Hydrogen l” which will soon become the biggest renewable hydrogen plant that will produce up to 60,000 Kg of green hydrogen every day. This plant is going to significantly help the EU when it comes to end its reliance on Russian fuels which the EU desperately needs to avoid shortages across the continent.

The hydrogen produced in this new plant will be used to replace grey hydrogen in some of sells other industrial site which will improve Europe’s renewable energy mix. This is also a step forward for the company as Shell has pledged to become a net zero emissions business by 2050.  

Hydrogen will play a pivotal role in renewable energy in the future and this project is going to accelerate that across Europe. Shell has added that the green hydrogen produced by this new plant could also be used in the transport sector which produces the majority of greenhouse gasses globally.

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