Ofgem to have a stronger role in renewables

Article posted

19th Jun 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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Ofgem’s role in renewables is expected to be expanded by the government, which the energy sector has welcomed. This will further help the UK move towards net zero carbon emissions over the next 3 decades.

Ofgem is currently the UK’s energy regulator, however, this switch will expand its role to help the country get on track with its energy security and carbon goals.

Too many renewable projects have been delayed due to being unable to connect to the national grid. This is majorly slowing the clean energy rollout. However, if Ofgem has more control over these projects it will push networks to upgrade proactively and bring more projects online sooner.

With Ofgem granted more statutory net zero duties will empower them to make the changes needed to the UK energy system.

This will help clear up the grid cue for new renewable projects, bring down energy bills and allow the Uk to start to pull away from imported gas allowing us to become completely energy independent.

Those within the renewable industry have backed this move as they can now speed up long delays with grid connections as Ofgem will have more authority to push through changes to the energy sector.

This move will increase energy security and start to bring cheaper energy bills for consumers over the next couple of decades. Reducing our exposure to volatile global markets.

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