How can your business become net positive?

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11th Apr 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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The path to becoming a net positive business starts with understanding what it means to be a net zero and net positive business. Net zero means that the company is working toward reaching a point where its carbon emissions are balanced with the amount of carbon removed from the atmosphere, either through direct action or by purchasing credits. This can be achieved by implementing renewable energy sources, reducing energy consumption, adopting more efficient practices and technologies, or investing in projects that help reduce global emissions.

Net positive goes one step further; it's about actively removing more carbon dioxide than your organization emits. Achieving this goal requires companies to engage in activities beyond their operations such as planting trees and funding reforestation efforts or investing in renewable energy projects.

When businesses think of being net positive, they usually think of the profit they can make. However, it is important to recognize the wider impact a business can have on society. Being net positive means that a business must give back more than it takes away from its community. This could include providing quality employment opportunities, eco-friendly practices, donations to local charities and volunteer initiatives. Companies that are committed to putting more into their community than they take out can help make a positive difference in the lives of people living there and contribute to an overall healthier society.


How can your business become net positive?

make long-term energy plans.

Organizations have a unique opportunity to create positive outcomes that improve the community, environment, and economy. Becoming a net positive business provides long-term value for organizations, as well as their shareholders and stakeholders. Instead of engaging in short-term practices that may provide quick financial or operational benefits but do not work towards community goals, businesses should focus on creating sustainable energy plans. These types of plans allow them to operate in an environmentally friendly way while also addressing key social issues within their locality. It's an unfair task – but with the right understanding, resources and commitment they can help support healthy societies and economies while reducing their own environmental footprint.


Understand business accountability

In order to become net positive, it is important to understand the business accountability for emissions. Different businesses have different goals when it comes to emissions, and this ranges from reducing emissions, to make them carbon neutral, or even better yet, positive. A business that is aware of its own emission levels can find ways to reduce their impact, by implementing strategies such as producing energy-efficient products and finding alternate sources of renewable energy. The decision to focus on becoming a carbon-neutral or net-positive company means having the courage to take on the responsibility of what your company’s emissions are having on our environment. Once you understand your company’s accountability in terms of emissions and eco-footprint, you can move forward toward creating successful initiatives to make your organization a net positive one.


What is the net positive project?

The Net Positive Project is a unique initiative that seeks to create an effective framework for businesses to both reduce their negative environmental impact and move beyond zero net carbon emission by helping to enhance the environment. As companies strive for sustainability, the Net Positive Project provides them with innovative strategies, processes and frameworks which help them positively impact their local ecosystems and communities.

This includes reducing energy consumption, setting clear plans for producing renewable energy, improving land and water management practices, protecting biodiversity and promoting waste reduction. All of these actions help businesses manage their environmental footprints and work towards a more sustainable society while still benefiting financially through cost savings on taxes or acquiring new customers. The ultimate goal of the Net Positive Project is to build a global consensus around proactively managing environmental protection in order to make our planet healthier now and in the future.


How will this benefit your business?

The Net Positive Project is a terrific beneficiary for businesses, as it helps them reduce their overall environmental footprint. With access to the latest sustainability practices and technologies, businesses can develop innovative ways to save money while also bettering their operations. By taking advantage of this project, companies can begin to reduce the excessive use of land, water, or energy and instead make strategic investments that demonstrate the power of sustainable business models. It’s an especially advantageous strategy for companies striving to do right in order to benefit their industrial sector as much as possible. After all, the most successful companies are those with a long-term plan dedicated towards providing lasting value to their stakeholders while growing profitability and expanding their service offerings.

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