Global energy levels rise

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29th Jun 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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When a global pandemic hit in 2020 energy and fuel demand went down, as a result so did carbon emissions. However, when the lockdowns ended and people where back to work energy consumption shot back up even higher than before the pandemic hit.

According to a report primary energy demand soared by 5.8% last year, proving that global energy demand shot right up. This went above the demand in 2019 by 1.3%. Although demand is going up so is the energy mix for renewable energy. A spokes person for bp stated that the share of renewables in the global power generation mix reached almost 13% in 2021.

This report has highlighted that the dip in carbon emissions in 2020 was only temporary and due to economic shut down across the world. This is evident as once economic activities began to rapidly recover so did energy demand.

This report shows how important it is that your business starts looking into reducing their carbon emissions and looking for other sources to power your business. As when demand rises rapidly so does energy prices. Therefore, to reduce the price shocks we have seen over the past two years  you should invest in your businesses future today.             

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