Do solar panels save money for businesses?

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20th Oct 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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How do Solar panels work?

Solar PV systems work by converting the sun into power you can use in your building. Each panel can generate up to 350W of energy in strong sunlight. However, they do not need strong sunlight to work which is why they are such an important part of the energy mix in the UK.

The energy generated from solar panels is not only cheaper for your business in the long run but it is also a clean renewable source of energy. This means that this type of energy will not run out and will also take your business one step closer to sustainability.

Businesses we have worked with

At Resolve Net Zero we have worked with several businesses to help them combat high energy costs with solar.


45% annual reduction on energy bills

One of the businesses we recently worked with was Motorgear Marketing. They are a car dealership with a very energy-intensive workshop. After looking at their annual consumption, energy spending and roof space we suggested a 62.05 kW solar system. This system size will equate to 49,231 kWh of clean energy.

Overall, this will save the company 45% on their annual energy spending which ends up being around £16,736 savings just in the first year.

As Well as saving the company money with the huge amount of clean energy the company are also producing they are a step closer to making their business more sustainable for the future.


30% reduction in energy bills

Another company that we installed solar with was Halbro Sportswear. After assessing their energy usage we decided that a 76.78 kW solar panel system would be best for this company.

After just under a month of installation, the system generated just under 3 MWh, around 100 kWh a day.

With the help of solar PV, the client should see their annual electricity consumption drop by over 30%, saving them £8,766 in the first year. This will help them to become more self-sufficient by saving them 13,873 kg of CO2 and producing 65,335 kWh of clean electricity. This will protect against any future national grid price rises.

On the whole, this system will continue to save the customer a tremendous amount on their energy bills and will be completely paid off by 2027.

From these case studies, you can see the benefits that solar can have on your business. See more of our case studies here.


Can your business rely on solar panels?

Solar energy is one of the most reliable sources of renewable energy. However, it still does depend on how much sunlight your business gets.

The solar panels we help businesses install are usually on the roof, this gives them the maximum exposure to the sunlight. Although solar is most efficient in the summertime it can still produce a lot of electricity in duller weather.

Businesses can rely heavily on solar in the summer and reduce reliance in the winter during darker days. To make the most of solar during the winter time some businesses have even looked into storage options such as solar batteries. This way you can store the energy from a surplus of solar from the summer to use in the summertime.


Benefits of solar for my business

Many benefits make it a good idea for your business to install solar panels. Some of the most popular reasons are:

Energy savings

solar panels generate electricity throughout the day that can be used at any time on site. This reduces the amount of electricity your business has to pay for.


Less reliance on the national grid

By installing solar panels you will reduce your business's reliance on energy from the national grid. As well as this you also reduce your business's need for finite resources.


long lifespan

Solar panels are a long-term solution to your energy bills, they usually have a 25-year life span which could be expected further with proper care.


Reduced carbon footprint

Generating your energy instead of relying on fossil fuels can massively reduce your carbon footprint and scope 2 emissions.


Increased corporate social responsibility

By reducing your carbon footprint and using green energy you will also boost your corporate social responsibility. This will show your business is committed to environmental causes and could lead you to get accreditations based on your changes.


Improved energy security

Having solar panels and being less reliant on the national grid will mean that your business is less vulnerable to changes within the energy market. You will most likely also suffer less with blackouts and power outages as well.

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