Businesses and green hydrogen

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13th Jul 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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Many large businesses are coming together to urge the government to further the UK’s position with green hydrogen to pioneer more green advantages for the UK.

These businesses have formed a new Green Hydrogen Alliance (GHA) with the aim to accelerate the rollout of green hydrogen technology In the UK.

There have been plans to use green hydrogen as a form of clean energy in the UK, however, the government has put no real focus or funding behind this. The GHA plan to promote the potential application of green hydrogen in different sectors. This could include transport, industrial and manufacturing businesses.

Although the GHA are advancing this opportunity, the government still needs to secure strategic advantages in green hydrogen. The government must introduce and implement new policies supporting green hydrogen.


What is green hydrogen – why do we need this?

Hydrogen is another form of renewable energy that can be utilized in the energy sector. However, this type of renewable energy has a lot more potential to transform businesses and areas into fully net-zero sectors and companies.

In some large manufacturing companies, they use hydrogen which equates to around 6-7% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, if green hydrogen could be implemented into these businesses instead it would massively reduce the level of greenhouse gasses this industry produces.

However, green hydrogen is not only applicable to large businesses. This fuel type could help most insurers become greener either by using it as a form of fuel for transport and aviation. As well as this green hydrogen could also be used to replace gas in office buildings.

Although the energy sector has still not implemented this as part of the energy mix, it is becoming more of a popular alternative fuel that many within the energy sector are starting to see the benefits of. However, there are still barriers to implementing this as a new fuel type such as a lack of policies and investments that need to be overcome.     

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