The world is using more fossil fuels

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5th Jul 2022

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Mollie Pinnington

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In a new renewable energy report, it has been proven that the share of wind and solar power hasn’t risen that much over the last decade.

Even when renewables became more prominent with electricity last year, they did not meet the rise in demand. In the UK the sector that uses the most energy in the UK is the transport sector renewable energy provides less than 4% of energy for this system. This shows that the areas that would benefit from renewable energy the most do not have the current infrastructure to accommodate it.

A study has shown that the transition to renewables has seemed to stall as the use of fossil fuels is still dominating energy consumption. In the past decade the share of renewable energy has only gone up by 1% which brings the total market share to 11.7% compared to 79.9% of fossil fuels. This show that globally we are not transitioning quick enough and with a rise in energy demand we are now using more fossil fuels than ever.

The recent rise in demand for energy is mostly due to the rebound of the global economy after the world recovered  from the pandemic. However, as this demand has been met by fossil fuels it has caused a significant rise in carbon emissions. Unfortunately, at the moment rising energy prices have caused even more of a delay on renewable transitions as most countries are having to prioritise energy customers to reduce the amount of fuel poverty people are going to face.

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