New plans to accelerate renewable energy in the UK

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28th Apr 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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The Energy Network Association has set out plans to speed up connections from new renewable electricity infrastructure to the energy grid.

Since the UK government set its net zero targets for the country, there has been an uproar of new connection requests from energy generators looking to connect wind and solar farms to the national grid. The applications have been more than twice the entire grids worth of capacity.


What does the ENA plan to do to improve connections?

  • Increase the flexibility in the energy market which in turn will increase storage capacity.
  • Reforming the network connection queue which will allow finished projects to connect to the grid quicker.
  • Change the transmission and distribution of network connections to improve their interactivity.

The ENA has said that these changes to the national grid are imperative to ensure the UK meet Net Zero targets by 2050.


Why this is important for the UK energy market?

Without faster connection projects the UK cannot accelerate grid connections for renewable energy and battery storage connections. This means currently the UK is relying on a lot more fossil fuels than necessary whilst the ENA and government put a plan into place to implement these connections.

Not only with this transformation help the UK reach its net zero goals, but it will also bring down the cost of energy for consumers.

The more energy that the UK can produce from cheaper renewable sources, the less the country needs to rely on expensive imports.

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