Franchises harnessing solar for green gains

Article posted

17th Jan 2024

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Mollie Pinnington

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Across the UK, a solar revolution is brewing, and franchise businesses are leading the charge. Embracing the abundant sunshine, these forward-thinking companies are installing solar panels on their rooftops, reaping the rewards of reduced energy bills and a shrinking carbon footprint.

Which companies are starting to adopt solar?

On Your Grid: This franchise empowers homeowners to take control of their energy through solar PV installations. Their unique model sees local franchisees trained by On Your Grid experts, then offering personalized advice and installation to their communities. This not only spreads the renewable energy gospel, but also creates local jobs and reduces reliance on centralized energy sources.


Clean Solar Solutions: Keeping those panels sparkling clean is crucial for optimal performance. Clean Solar Solutions, the UK's first professional solar panel cleaning franchise, ensures maximum solar energy generation. Their services, available to both residential and commercial customers, extend the lifespan of solar systems and optimize returns on investment.


McDonald's: The iconic golden arches are turning green! McDonald's UK has committed to installing solar panels on 1,000 of its restaurants by 2030. This ambitious plan will generate enough renewable energy to power 47,000 homes, significantly reducing the fast-food giant's carbon footprint.


Premier Inn: Hospitality is getting a solar makeover too. Premier Inn, the UK's largest hotel chain, is installing solar panels across its portfolio, aiming to power 100 of its hotels solely with renewable energy by 2025. This not only saves on bills, but also attracts eco-conscious guests and sends a powerful message about sustainability in the industry.


What is the benefit of solar panels for franchises?

The sunlit path these franchises are forging offers benefits beyond their own bottom lines:

  • Reduced Dependence on Fossil Fuels: Replacing traditional energy sources with solar helps combat climate change and air pollution.
  • Lower Energy Bills: As energy prices soar, solar panels deliver substantial cost savings, boosting franchisee profitability.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: Consumers are increasingly concerned about environmental impact, and embracing solar showcases a commitment to sustainability.
  • Job Creation: The burgeoning solar industry necessitates skilled workers, providing employment opportunities across the country.

The UK's franchise sector is setting a shining example for businesses of all sizes, proving that renewable energy is not just viable, but a strategic advantage. As solar technology continues to improve and costs decline, expect more franchises to bask in the sun's bounty, illuminating a path towards a brighter, greener future.

So, the next time you spot a familiar franchise logo, look up – there might be a solar smile beaming down, reflecting a commitment to a more sustainable future, one bright watt at a time.

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