Businesses need solar before the price rises

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19th Jul 2023

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Mollie Pinnington

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Solar panels for business

Solar panels for businesses are a great investment, providing an array of positive benefits. Not only do solar panels reduce electricity costs in the long run, but they can also provide a reliable source of renewable energy that can help with sustainability efforts. Additionally, businesses may even be eligible for government tax credits or other incentives that can further reduce the costs associated with solar panel installation.

Why solar could become more expensive to implement.

Recently China has announced that the exports of certain metals are going to require a lot more licensing from next month. The new export controls could increase the cost of metals required to make semiconductors which are needed for solar panels.  

This new implementation is going to make it harder for manufacturers to find the essential metals needed to construct solar panels, this could increase their price over the next few years. China has assured that these new controls aren’t a ban on the materials, but just extra precautions for national security.  

Nevertheless, the lack of materials is likely to make prices rise over the next few years. This increase in cost may be due to multiple factors, such as higher production costs for manufacturers due to an increased demand for metals within China, which could reduce availability and push up the cost of solar panel components. Additionally, manufacturers may need to pay increased royalties and fees for the license required to export materials, further increasing costs.


What does this mean for businesses?

The implementation of these new regulations could significantly impact businesses that are looking to invest in solar technology. Businesses should consider making the switch sooner rather than later as delays could result in higher costs associated with installation and materials.


Why your business should consider solar now

There are a few reasons why your business should consider looking towards renewables sooner rather than later. This includes:

Prices are going to rise

Installing solar panels for your business now is the best way to take advantage of current prices and ensure long-term savings. This is because the materials needed to construct solar panels are becoming more expensive as we have explained above.

If your business waits too long to invest in solar energy, you are going to be paying a lot more for the materials and installation costs in the future. The recent announcement from China of increased export controls on certain metals used in the production of semiconductors has already caused an increase in the price of these materials, and this is likely to continue.


Reliable energy source

Lately, energy prices within the energy market have been extremely volatile. Solar power provides a reliable source of energy, meaning your business won’t be subject to the same power outages or rate increases caused by traditional energy sources. This can provide significant savings in terms of operational costs and help ensure that your business remains competitive in the market.


Reducing carbon footprint

By switching to renewable sources of energy like solar, businesses can reduce their carbon footprints and become more eco-friendly. Solar energy is a clean source of power which does not contribute to pollution or global warming, making it an ideal choice for those looking to lower their environmental impact. Additionally, many government subsidies are available for


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Installing solar panels for your business is an excellent way to reduce your energy costs in the long run, as well as help you meet sustainability goals. Not only will you benefit from lower electricity bills but you may be eligible for various government tax credits and other incentives that can further reduce the cost of installation.

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